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Laos at the Olympics

It’s that time again.  People who never watch sports (myself included) have been tuning in to see athletes from around the world jumping, lifting, swimming, running, diving, hitting…and so on.  The Olympics are always a bit of a geography lesson when athletes from less well-known nations appear (where is Sao Tome & Principe again?), and this year Laos made a small mark on the Olympic world map with three athletes.

(source: daylife.com)

This is Laos’ 7th time in the Olympics (they have never–yet–won a medal) and three very young athletes in men’s swimming, and men’s and women’s track traveled to London from Vientiane.  All entered as wildcard participants.  Now that the games have wrapped up yet again, it’s time for everyone to start training for 2016, and hoping that there will be even more Lao athletes next time around!


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