Asian Beer Label Table

Although I don’t really enjoy beer that much, I’m a fan of the commercial artwork on beer labels across the world.  They are also a cheap and light souvenir, so I’ve begun collecting beer labels from each country that I’ve visited since moving to Asia.  It’s always been my goal to make some sort of table or bar out of the collection, and I’ve finally amassed enough to put together my “beer label table.”

How many countries can you find?



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4 responses to “Asian Beer Label Table

  1. i love these names! what country is the ‘godfather’ from?! & for some reason, “nepal ice” sounds a lot more appetizing than “natural ice”. bravo, han! can’t wait to celebrate with some chang’s and tiger’s come new years!!!

  2. somewherenearhere

    Godfather is from India…and Nepal Ice is actually quite good!

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    This picture sums up why I love marketing. For the love of brand..

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