Es Oyen: An Indonesian Treat

Overall, I was not incredibly enthused about the food in East Java.  The tempeh with sauce on heaps of white rice was good the first time I had it…and the second…but after that I started to wish for something different and feel pretty unhealthy after snacking on deep fried krupak with every meal.  And this was only for a week–I seriously sympathize with my friend Elle, who has been living on Indonesian food for a year.  It’s tasty, but I’m happy for the wide variety of Lao food.

Though I was happy to return to Vientiane and exchange the Indonesian diet of nasi (white rice), for khao niao (sticky rice), I did have a brief love affair with one Indonesian dessert…ES.

Es can be a variety of sweet ice desserts served in a bowl or a bag, but my all time favorite was es oyen.

The ingredients:
-sugar syrup
-coconut milk
-sweetened condensed milk



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2 responses to “Es Oyen: An Indonesian Treat

  1. Thanks for pitching me back into nostalgia…I grew up with es cendol, es campur, and my all-time favorite, es alpukat. NUM.

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