There and Back Again

It’s been 4.5 weeks, 33 days, and 4 countries, and here I am, back in Vientiane and ready to start a new term of teaching.

Since I last wrote, I rode:
10 airplanes
6 trains
7 inter-city buses
2 subway systems
8 autorickshaws
20 taxis
2 boats
1 bicycle, and
1 elephant

I traveled from Laos to Bangkok, to Northern India, to Southern India, to Singapore, to Northern Thailand, back to Laos, to Hanoi, and back here again.  There are countless stories of frustration, fascination, sickness, and festivities to be told soon, but here are some photos as a preview.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On another note, tomorrow is the beginning of Term 1 at Vientiane College, which will surely prove to be another ten weeks of learning for both me and my students.  I’ll probably be writing less about my classes and life in Laos for the next few weeks as I try to catch up on the travel adventures, but this term I’m looking forward to teaching five classes–what should be a busy and varied schedule.  I have two Young Learners classes: one Elementary class (probably in the age range of 10-14), and one Pre-Intermediate (my teenage students from last term again).  I have one adults class at the Intermediate level, and I’ll also be teaching a class called “CORE 1” in the “Diploma” program, for students who have graduated from the general grammar-based English classes to the content and critical thinking classes that work them towards a language certificate.  Mine is the first required class in the program, and is loosely current events-based.  Finally, I’m teaching a daytime class on study skills for a special program for students working to improve test scores to earn a chance to study abroad in Australia.  With this wide variety of classes, I’ll certainly have my hands full for the next few weeks, but will try to update with regular installments on my December-January adventures!

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